Top Ten: Rome (Top Ten Things to Do and See in Rome)

Top Ten Rome

1. Tour the Colosseum.
An obvious choice, there is nothing like the Colosseum. It is Difficult to imagine the extreme events that occurred in the complex.  To jump the long lines, pre-purchase your ticket to tour the Colosseum by either buying a Romapass or buying a joint ticket at the Roman Forum.

2. Throw a Coin in the Trevi Fountain. Another must in Rome. All the coins thrown in the fountain are collected daily and donated to charity.  The fountain is typically very busy, try visiting in the evening for less of a crowd.  There are also rumored to be multiple great pizza places around the piazza, perfect for dinner after your evening fountain visit.

3. Eat your weight in Gelato. It’s no secret that Italy is known for having excellent gelato, and there are no shortage of gelato shops to chose from.  You should get gelato multiple times from various places since many offer their own specialty flavors. I’ll always recommend you search for some Kinder gelato. It’s just so good.  Check out Il Gelato for some particularly innovative flavors.

4. See Rome from Above at Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II (Il Vittoriano). For the best views within Rome, ride to the top of the Il Vittoriano.  A highly controversial monument for locals, the giant structure is said to only be avoidable to the eye by being on top of it. 

5. Explore Eataly Roma.  Often describe as the “Italian Whole Foods” Eataly Rome offers specialty foods and goods.  Local chefs and products are often featured here. Stop by to grab some food from one of the many restaurants inside, or to pick up some good, inexpensive wine to enjoy later. The chocolate section is a must-see and a great place to pick up something good to bring home to loved ones.

6. Get a View from the Top of Gianicolo Hill. When you need a break from the bustle of Rome, head out to Gianicolo Hill, which offers a spectacular view of the ancient city.  Enjoy a peaceful walk and check out the sights from a different view.  The hill is near the neighborhood of Trastevere, discussed below.

7. Wander around and Dine in Trastevere.  A quaint neighborhood just south of the Vatican with many affordable shops and restaurants.  Walk through the streets to get a better picture of the non-tourist part of Italy.

8. Relax on the Spanish steps. Another major landmark, the Spanish Steps are undoubtedly one of the best places to people watch. Tourists and locals alike fill the steps each evening. Grab a bottle of wine or a slice of pizza from a neighboring shop and hang out on the steps for an Italian experience. Perfect spot to spend an evening.

9.  Visit the Eerie Capuchin Crypt. Not for the faint of heart, the Capuchin Crypts are one of the most unique visitor spots in Rome.  The bones of former monks are arranged in designs in a tribute to their service. The experience is both haunting and interesting, and undoubtedly different from other tourist spots.

10. Wednesdays with the Pope. Almost every Wednesday when the pope is in town, a Wednesday morning address is held for general audiences. Religious or not, it is exciting to see the famous figure in action. The papal address is either located in St. Peter’s square or in the auditorium.  If it is the latter, you will need to pre-order tickets, best to check with your hotel.

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