Top Ten: Barcelona (Top things to do and see in Barcelona, Spain)


Top Ten Barcelona Take 2

Photo Copyright: Labyrinth – daniMU

1. Attend a FC Barcelona futbol game at Camp Nou.  There is no better way to experience Spanish culture than to go to a soccer game.  The Spanish love their futbol, and go crazy for the sport. There is no doubt it will be an experience to remember.

2. Relax in Park Guell. While I’m sure you’ve seen this on every Barcelona list, the park truly won’t disappoint. Take a snack, sit back, and relax and enjoy the gorgeous scenery and art.

3. Picnic atop the old air bunker in Carmel.  Located in La Rouira in the neighborhood of Carmel, a WW2 bunker boasts one of the best views of Barcelona.  The spot is relatively unknown to tourists and is a perfect spot to relax or enjoy a picnic dinner, especially at sunset.

4. Watch a show of the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. If you love the Bellagio fountains in Vegas, check out the Magic Fountain.  Layers of fountains perform shows nightly complete with lighting and music.  Head there sooner than later, you don’t want to miss the show, and you’ll likely want to stay for the next one. View the schudule here:

5. Casa Mila.  Like most of Gaudi’s work, Casa Mila offers some very interesting architecture.  Even if architecture and buildings aren’t your thing, Casa Mila is worth checking out for the rooftop.  The house offers a great rooftop view of the center of Barcelona.

6. Explore the labyrinth at Parc del Laberint d’Horta.  Challenge yourself in the cypress tree maze in Barcelona’s oldest park.  The labyrinth is not your typical tourist attraction, but it offers a quiet break and something different for visitors to do. 

7. Day trip to Sitges.  Spend the day in upscale Sitges, known for its great beaches and vibrant gay scene. You can take the bus or train to the city in under an hour of travel time and less than eight Euros.  The city is renowned as one of the most charming towns on the Catalan coast.

8. Eat tapas. As much as possible.   Tapas are Spain’s greatest contribution to civilization (in my humble opinion).  Why the rest of the world doesn’t follow suit and offer complimentary bites to eat with your beer is beyond me.  An excellent way to avoid spending large amounts on food and also to avoid eat large amounts of food.  Read more about tapas in Barca here:

9. Dine on Catalan food in Gracia.  Grab dinner or lunch in one of the many modern Catalan restaurants in Gracia.  The neighborhood is north of the city center and is regarded one of the most typically Catalan neighborhoods in Barcelona.

10. Hit the beach.  You can’t miss the beaches when you visit Barcelona. Just be prepared to see more of people than you may wish, and make sure to keep an eye on your belongings.

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