6 Travel Accessories We Can’t Go Without

Here are a few travel accessories we couldn’t get by without on trips.

1) Packing Cubes

I can’t remember how I packed before I found these packing bags.  Instead of trying to cram your bag full and then having to re-stuff all your items in every time you open it, just stuff these packing cubes.  Great way to stay organized and find items you need much faster.

See on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/eBags-Packing-Cubes-3pc-Set/dp/B004C0XZM4/ref=zg_bs_15743971_1

2) Neck Money Holder

When traveling (especially internationally), it is wise to keep valuables such as your ID, credit cards, and passport tucked away instead of in a purse or wallet.  Valuables holders that can be worn over the neck instead of around your waist tend to be more comfortable and provide easier access.



3) Blanket/Pillow Combo

Definitely one of my better travel investments, this pillow becomes a case for the blanket so it hardly takes up any space in your carry-on.  They are easy to make as well, so if you know a crafty person let them know this would be a great gift.



4) Luggage Locks

I love luggage strap locks because not only can you safely lock you luggage through the airport, but you can extend the strap and lock your luggage to something if you are staying in a hostel or leaving your luggage temporarily in a shared space.



5) Sleep Phones

Perfect for long-haul flights, you can listen to music to drown out the engines but still be comfortable enough to sleep.



6) Solar Charger

There have been multiple times when my phone has died while I was using the GPS function and needed it desperately.  Pack a solar charger so you can give your phone some extra power when needed.



BONUS: Jaktogo

For the especially courageous traveler, the Jaktogo is an unconventional travel tool.  Avoid overweight baggage fees or the intense size restrictions of European budget airlines by wearing your luggage. Jaktogo offers the wearable bag in a jacket, dress, or poncho.  As a bonus, it conveniently folds into a tote bag after you pass through security.

Probably not for the fashionista


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